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model : weston
hair    // x //
top     // x //
weston… i thought you were supposed to be the moody type….
i think he’s going to get new eyebrows… and resized lips…. and i’m still debating about his chin… must get out of comfort zone….
model : jenny
{ larger image }
hair       // x //
dress    // x //
pose     // x //
ps-a      // x x //
sorry i got a bit carried away with photoshop / and sorry it turned out a bit dark
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5 days ago

yea~ i got my computers back and fixed (i think).. should be <3

so happy<3

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5 days ago
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1 week ago

ah ah.. I was just fixing the charger cord and it unplugged itself… darn it… this time I.m just going to get it fixed… but I.m not going to pay someone 60+ just to click something back on… or to pay for him to change a part that isnt even the problem… I.m onto you computer people… don.t try to scam me…

ah I miss my laptops… I feel seperation anxiety… and they better not break anything