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1 day ago
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it’s alive!!!

so last night i tried prying the casing off the bottom of my laptop…

and failed…

and broke a fingernail while ruining my other ones….

but i did manage to get a bit farther than i had before…

but in the end i closed it all up and used my older laptop..

but today..

on a whim… (after i got my makeup cc files from my older laptop)

i plugged in my newer laptop and….

it worked <3

so happy~

and this time i have my tifa makeup files so i’m happy<3

now all i need is to remember not to move the computer around so much…

and i’m still waiting for the universal battery charger from my mom so that i can use both laptops…


the best news : i have my sims cd back<3

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2 days ago
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is it wrong to switch to chrome just so that i can see my theme the way i want it to look like? ah tumblr… why can’t you show custom fonts for all browsers without messing up?

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2 days ago
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so i give up

on the bright side.. i don’t feel like an idiot.. i was right and the computer guy was wrong.. simple as that… the only problem is finding someone who speaks english and can solder my charging port….

the bad side is that i just lost all the cc i downloaded… and the pose pack i was working on for download… :(

the good news is that at least one computer is working <3 and i don’t ever have to worry about computer issues with this one unless it’s a hardware problem because i finally found my cds (seriously though.. i need to stop packing things so crazily.. i mean my restoration cds were in the crockpot… the crockpot!)

the really bad news though is that my sims cd is in my now not working laptop and i don’t know how to get it out…

now on to find that no cd fix… which i hope works….

please let it work….

and now back to less quality pictures..

though now i finally can store and save all my cc… ah tifa makeup <3

model&#160;: weston
hair    // x //
top     // x //
weston&#8230; i thought you were supposed to be the moody type&#8230;.
i think he&#8217;s going to get new eyebrows&#8230; and resized lips&#8230;. and i&#8217;m still debating about his chin&#8230; must get out of comfort zone&#8230;.
model&#160;: jenny
{ larger image }
hair       // x //
dress    // x //
pose     // x //
ps-a      // x x //
sorry i got a bit carried away with photoshop / and sorry it turned out a bit dark
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1 week ago

yea~ i got my computers back and fixed (i think).. should be <3

so happy<3