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i need to stop looking at themes…

i just barely picked out my page themes and are still working on all the links, and now i want to totally change them…

i have a problem…

models : jenny | weston | sebe
{ larger image }
hair        x | x | x
dress      x
top          x | x
bottom    x
poses      x | x | x
ah.. ignore her arm please.. i forgot that i was supposed to take the picture from a certain angle so that it wouldn’t appear floating.. oh well
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i wish sims cheats worked in real life…

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ah… i need to go register for one more class.. but feel so unmotivated… i don’t really want to go stand in line for 2 hours….

if i could pull a sim out of my game.. i’d make him/her go register for me

i also hate my school just for the fact that i have to go in person just to register… i never understood why the computer system wouldn’t let me register online… i mean do they hate transfer students so much?

and not to mention that i supposedly still have to turn in a transcript… which is the transcript for the school i’m applying.. i mean that doesn’t even make sense… oh well….

i think i’m nervous about school… i had this dream that i found out that i hadn’t attended about 4 classes or so (even though i had paid for them) and would have to retake them… i think i have those dreams the most…

okay.. time to motivate myself

on the bright side… i finally finished downloading all my makeup (so many lipsticks…)

and i think that by tuesday… hopefully… i’ll get another charger so i’ll be able to get juu and everyone else off the other computer…

that way i should be able to finally play juu and his brothers.. which will be a good distraction to having a course load of 24+ hours

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